Artist Statement

As a painter, designer, and performing artist I am captivated by personal adventures, diversity and the common thread that binds us. For the last decade, I’ve pursued work that explores elements of culture, spirituality, and sociology.

I consider other social groups experiences, values, and traditions when looking through my creative lens. This leads me to projects in and for a variety of settings and communities. Working this way has given me the ability to skillfully express an array of subject matter and themes that connect to the diversity of cultural experience. 

I currently host a podcast on Spotify called “Artist Behind the Art” where I feature diverse local artists and talk about their personal experiences and processes. I am working on a comprehensive plant study and collection, that will be rendered in various medium. I am open for commission to paint pet portraits to honor beloved furry family members. I   dance in a street performance group which has roots in traditional New Zealand and Native American dance. In all of my art practices, I celebrate the diverse and beautiful nature of our universe

 Mini Resume


AAT - Studio Arts - Orange Coast College 

February 2022-Current


OCC Student Exhibition 2nd Floor Gallery 

December 2023

Irvine High Student Exhibition

November 2012


Freelance - Pet Portraits, Logo Design

2019 - Current

Social Medie - Friends of Avi Kwa Ame National Monument

January 2024 - Current


Phone: (949) 674 -6471


Instagram: @CatJohnsonArt